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Welcome to Gamma Phi Beta’s Zeta Iota chapter at Valparaiso University! This is a special place; a place of warmth and sisterhood, of growth and support, and above all, a home. Sisters strive to be true and constant friends to one another, but also push one another in a pursuit to inspire the highest type of womanhood. 


In Gamma Phi Beta, our differences make us a stronger sorority. They make us better students, leaders, members of society, and women within the panhellenic community. GPhi’s go above and beyond to achieve great things and serve others. We seek to have continuous personal development in all areas of our lives. Our four values, love, labor, learning, and loyalty, are the foundation of everything we do and seek to live out. I am thankful that I get to call so many phenomenal women, who excel in so many ways both inside and outside the sorority, my sisters. My sisters are genuine, humble, kind, loyal, and strong. We find our passion in Building Strong Girls. Our primary outlet of how we Build Strong Girls is through supporting Girls on the Run. It is days like the Girls on the Run 5k that I truly see the light of our sorority shining bright. Sisters wake up as the sun is rising to come together and support the next generation of strong women. My sisters cheer loud, ring cowbells, and hold posters of encouragement high as we watch girls prove to themselves they are capable of running a 5k! 


As President, I am beyond proud of the sisters in the Zeta Iota chapter. I have had the honor of seeing them love one another, work for the betterment of our sisterhood, and selflessly show the community what it looks like to be a living embodiment of our values. To the women of this chapter, thank you for allowing me to serve you and for being my true and constants. I am inspired by Gamma Phi Beta and cannot wait to continue to see what Her future holds.


I hope you will be ever inspired by her and see how this sisterhood holds a treasured part of each of our hearts. 

With warm regards,

Maiah Deogracias

Chapter President 2023

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